Why “The Dissenting Cupcake”?

You may be wondering why I decided to call myself “The Dissenting Cupcake.” This blog was born out of the election of Donald Trump as President, after which I saw so many white people talking the talk and saying they were “liberal” and “allies,” then epically failing when it came to action. I witnessed numerous new activist groups full of white people popping up, along with white people getting pretty lit about the election of Trump. While this may actually seem good, the problem is that white folks did not realize there are already so many groups fighting this fight that have been for decades. White people have gotten VERY good at erasing the struggles of people of color and ignoring them until it becomes convenient. The election of Donald Trump is something that now affects white people; therefore, all of a sudden, many are coming out of the woodwork and claiming they’ve been there all along, on the side of people of color and other marginalized groups. When I saw this happening, I found it both good and problematic at the same time. I’m happy that white people are finally willing to fight. But, we all have to understand how to be active accomplices and not erase or marginalize the struggles of people of color that have been happening for years.

I’ve always been active and vocal on social media, but after seeing this new eruption of blatant white supremacy touted by Trump and his followers, I upped my game in calling out white people every chance I got to shed light on problematic behavior. This quickly gave me a reputation of “that girl no one wants to talk to,” because white fragility and white tears are very real. One day, I called out Trump on Twitter for going berserk over Hamilton and Saturday Night Live, but not doing anything to denounce the legions of neo-Nazis who were gathering in his name. Here is the original tweet:


Soon enough, the tweet caught on, and it was retweeted close to 250 times. That of course meant the trolls came out in full force. My favorite troll comments included ones where I was called “babe” and “snowflake” and “cupcake” like these:




These responses and name calling amused me so much that I was happy to take on the nickname “cupcake” (sometimes “snowflake cupcake,” sometimes “snowcake,” sometimes “snowcup” – take your pick). To me, this name is a badge that the trolls have given me for speaking out against them, and I fully embrace it. Now, I am proud to be known as a “dissenting cupcake,” and thus, this blog was born.