The Dissenting Cupcake, Candice Huber, is a self-proclaimed nerd/geek and the owner of New Orleans’ premier geeky bookstore, board gaming store, and nerd mecca: Tubby & Coo’s Mid-City Book Shop, named after her grandparents. She started reading at the age of two, and as a kid, her nickname was Johnny 5 after the Short Circuit robot who loved “input” any way he could get it. Candice prefers science fiction, fantasy, and horror, but at times is known to read a good mystery as well. She’s also obsessed with comic books, and currently holds around 30 subscriptions for single issues (which doesn’t even include the graphic novels/trades she consumes). Her current favorites are Black PantherI Hate Fairyland, Paper Girls, Monstress, and The Mighty Thor. She typically reads about 12 books at a time.

Besides books, Candice loves board games, Hamilton: The Musical, Star Wars, SupernaturalDoctor Who, Thundercats, He-Man, She-Ra, Jem and the Holograms (see the 80s cartoon trend here?), Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, musical theater, and Disney, among other geeky things. She’s also SUPER into dragons, as evidenced by the dragon on the logo for the book shop and the mascot that sits on the checkout counter. Candice also loves to write (thus, the blog) and tends to overachieve and get involved in things more than she should.

Candice is a vocal activist, and she believes now is the time for white people to stand up to other white people in the fight against white supremacy and the patriarchy. With this blog, she hopes to bring to light issues white people may not have thought about before, or that may be uncomfortable for white people. People of color have fought the good fight alone for long enough. Now is not the time for us white folk to be allies. We must take on the burdens of people of color and other marginalized groups as our own and become active accomplices.

You can follow Candice on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also hear her talk about all things nerdy and book, comic book, and board game related on her weekly podcast, Novel Ideas, on WRBH Reading Radio online. She also writes for the geek feminist website, Nerdy but Flirty, and you can read all her articles here.

See more about why Candice calls herself “The Dissenting Cupcake” here.