Actions You Can Take, Get Involved

Get Involved: 10 Things You Can Do Right Now for Social Justice

The most common question I receive is “What can I do?” It’s great to read and research and listen, but when it comes to action, many people aren’t sure what they can actually *do* to help those who need it. Here is a list of ten actions you can take right now:

  1. Diversify your online community and implode the echo chamber. You can start by following activists of color and the leaders of various movements (including the bloggers and voices in the sidebar). Then share and amplify their voices with your own online/social media circles.

  2. Join the campaign to support the American Muslim community by reading their eleven points, endorsing the ones you agree with, and signing up to be a Muslim ally. Then share the campaign with your friends!

  3. Seek out your local activist groups and attend a local action meeting, protest, or rally for the issue that you’re most passionate about. Ideas for groups to join include Black Lives Matter, Fight for $15, your local LGBT rights group, and the National Organization for Women (NOW).

  4. Join the Injustice Boycott.

  5. Be aware of your own microaggressions and of those happening around you and put a stop to them.

  6. Put your money where your mouth is. Donate (silently, this isn’t about getting brownie points) to a social justice organization or cause, or better yet, publicly raise funds for one.  Boycott companies owned by or working with Trump and other white supremacists (there’s an app that makes this easy). Participate in Bank Transfer Day to divest from corporations that benefit from exploiting people of color. Be public about boycotts and divesting and encourage other white people to join you.

  7. Coordinate an anti-racism training in your community. Purposefully disrupt white spaces by creating discomfort where white people would normally feel comfortable. Organize your white friends to take collective action.

  8. Join an organization like Showing Up for Racial Justice or European Dissent (search Facebook for your local group), which are organizations that specifically engage white people in the struggle to advance racial justice.

  9. Learn how to discern fake news from real news, and only share stories from credible news sources. Here is a great chart to check out.

  10. Take really good care of yourself. It’s easy to get immersed in everything that’s going on, especially with things moving so quickly. Make sure you take breaks and care for yourself, because it’s going to be a long road.

The goal of this list is to give you simple things that you can start with to dip in without being immediately overwhelmed. Start with small actions that can make a big impact, and work your way up!